Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cheah Si Hock Haw Kong Kongsi


  • Being the first of great five Hokkien clan association in Penang, Cheah association was founded in 1820 by Cheah Yam. Cheah or Xie (谢) is one of the popular Chinese surname among Penangites and their history in Penang had started as early as 19th century.
  • The Cheahs were originated from Sek Tong village of South China and hence a clan house was built and named after Cheah Si Sek Tek Tong or fondly known as Cheah Kongsi.
  • Completed in 1873, it was established to take care of the Cheahs' welfare in Penang. 
  • Located at No 8, Armenien Street in the hustling George Town, Cheah Kongsi's entrance is only several yards away from Khoo Kongsi's Armenian Street entrance. 

My Experience

The Cheah Si Hock Haw Kong Kongsi is my last destination that I went on that day.
When I had arrived, the place is on the verge of closing down as it was nearly the closing time.
However, I managed to have a quick glimpse around the place and snapped a few photos.
A nice, interesting place with beautiful architecture.

Cheah Si Hock Haw Kong Kongsi:
Here are some pictures of the place with captions.

A tiny entrance leading into Cheah Kongsi vicinity

A pair of classical lanterns

Facade of Cheah Kongsi

The administrative building

Chinese style courtyard

Historic door and staircase

Each chambers with its treasure

Worship hall at upper floor

Ornately decorated

Interior of the worship hall and behind are ancestral tablets

Cheah Si Hock Haw Kong Kongsi photos:

These are the photos that I had taken of the place.
Once again, it is kinda dark as it was taken at night.

Corridor to Cheah Kongsi which looks the Forbidden City's wall

Front façade of the Cheah Kongsi

Side entrance of Cheah Kongsi

The Tok Panjang of Cheah Kongsi

A great historical place that is highly recommended to visit.
The beautiful architecture is sure to awe you.
There is the interesting tok panjang which is something really rare in this modern era.
Many astonishing historical items are available in this place.
To look for them, you have to come and see it for yourself.

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